GridKa School 2009

GridKa School is one of the biggest and well-known Grid Summer Schools taking place each year in Europe. This year DORII project was invited to lead one of whole-day parallel sessions during 3rd day of workshop.


DORII's objectives and main idea were presented in opening session by project coordinator Norbert Mayer. This general introduction was followed by technical presentations and hands-on sessions in the afternoon. During 6 hour workshop users were introduced to DORII's middleware components presented from applications' use cases point of view. Andrea del Linz from Elettra presented VCR and gave users the opportunity to develop their own Instrument Elements which was especially interesting after seeing IE in action during LEGO Mindstorm demo. Technical-detailed part was completed by more end-point user-oriented presentation by PSNC on Workflow Management System and Workflow Editor.


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DORII project receives funding from the EC's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° RI-211693.